Dryland/Strength Training

Strength training (which swimmers usually call dryland) and other aerobic activities can only improve your swimming.  Dryland will be added to all Monday, Wednesday and Friday practices.  


– medicine ball

substitute with:  any type of ball

– resistance band 

substitute with:  light weights or even soup cans

Swimming workouts can be found HERE.

The following videos can also be found on You Tube HERE.


Banana Crunch:

Bench Dip:

Bird Dog (Beginner):

Bird Dog (Advanced):

Body Squat:

Box Jump:

Broad Jump:


Calf Raise:

Chin Up:


Depth Jump:

Double Crunch with Medicine Ball:

Flutter Kick:

Hip Raise:

Lateral Raise:

Leg Drop:

Leg Drop with Medicine Ball:


Medicine Ball Chest Pass:

Use a wall if there is one handy.

Medicine Ball Throw Down:

Modified Push Up:


Pull Up:

Push Up:

Russian Twist:

Russian Twist with Medicine Ball:

Shoulder External Rotation:

Shoulder Internal Rotation:

Side Crunch:

Side Plank:

Single Leg Squat:

Sit Up:

Squat Jump:

Squat Jump with Medicine Ball:

Squat to Press:

Toe Touch:

Toe Touch with Medicine Ball:

Wall Ball:

Use a wall if there is one handy.

X Jump:


18 thoughts on “Dryland/Strength Training

  1. Great job! Being a top swimmer my self..i found these were great to show my young nephews..to start, for their swimming careers. (probably would have taken off glasses though..young people need to see eyes, for the element of trust :) nice job though-Well Done!)

  2. Superb! We have pools for summer time – six months, only. And I was looking for dryland exercises to keep my daughter ready and fit for swimming. But how should I make schedule of these exercises? My daughter is 12 yrs old.

  3. Superb! We have pools for summertime only – six months. I was looking for dryland exercises to keep my 12 yrs old daughter ready and fit for swimming. But how should I prepare schedule of these exercises? I mean, now when pools have been closed.
    Really helpful site!

    • I would do strength training (dry land) three times per week, and if she can’t get in and swim I would try and work in some aerobic workouts three times per week. Aerobic activities could include running, biking, or any activity that keeps the heart rate elevated for 30 minutes to an hour.

  4. that’s not a burpee…. that’s a variation of a squat thrust…

    otherwise great stuff!

    • We recommend:
      Once a week to maintain, twice a week to get some improvement and three times a week would be best.
      You can do them on non-swimming days too.

  5. There are about 35 exercises there … do you mean to do one set of these three times a week or break them into different sets over the three sessions. How many reps do you recommend? How long do you recommend a land based session would g for a 12 year old by?

    • We would recommend doing 30 minutes, 3 times per week. Just pick and choose from the exercises (mix it up) – at least 10 reps of each.

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