Who Are We?




Eric was collegiate athlete and NCAA Division II Swimming All-American, as well as a Kansas State Swimming Champion.  Eric has coached swimming at various levels, including rec leagues, high school teams and USA swimming clubs.  He’s a certified level 1 high school coach and a certified USA swimming coach.  When he’s not swimming, he competes in other races, including triathlons, 5Ks, half marathons and marathons.

Eric graduated from Truman State University with a bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science with a minor in biology.   He has been certified by the Cooper Fitness Institute as a fitness specialist and in providing dietary guidance.



Suzanne started swimming at the club level in 1988.  She swam year-round beginning in middle school and was a Kansas high school State swimmer.  She currently runs a swimming lesson program for a USA Swimming club team in Kansas City.  She has also run multiple 5Ks.

Suzanne graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Journalism.  Go Jayhawks!


Our family blog can be found at http://kcjayhawk.wordpress.com/


26 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. Eric & Suzanne,
    I am a life time swimmer and you have made my life so much easier thanks to your workouts! I love this site and I thank you for it! I try and get in three times a week and 3000 yards at each time! I often use the intermediate and modify it to come up with 3000! MERRY CHRISTMAS! And thank you again! Also I have shared your site with many people who love it also!

  2. This site is fantastic! I’m so glad I found you guys!! I was looking for something similar to this out there a year or two ago because I have a lot of trouble creating effective workouts for myself. I didn’t start lap swimming until I was in college and took a more advanced conditioning swimming class and loved it, but my exposure to it was very limited. This way I don’t have to muddle through and try to come up with my own novice attempts at workouts. Thank you guys so much!

  3. I am so glad I found your site; I have been using your workouts for my lap swimming 3 days a week for the last couple of months or so, and they are great; I used to have a hard time coming up with workouts each time, so I love having yours to go through. Thanks a lot!

  4. I am SO EXCITED about finding this site. You have really changed my life by giving me the tools I need to live more healthily. THANKS!!!

  5. Hey there, I have a long but inspiring (as I’ve been told many times) swimming story. I’m 17 year old here born and raised here in the USA, I’ve been watching your website for a while now and would LOVE for an email back to tell you my story, I promise you it won’t be a waste of time!:) please and thank you! Also, can you post some more of your workouts that you personally do? :) thank you! -Amanda . Please email me back at the email address I listed!

    • Hi Amanda. I emailed you but never heard back. My email could have easily gone to your spam folder:) We would still love to hear your story.

  6. What a great site!
    It is such a joy to find a site that provides EVERYTHING I need for a swim workout. I am finally back in the pool after a very long (10 years) break. The variety of workouts that you provide has been a tremendous help.
    Any plans for a smart phone app?

    • Good for you, Paul! We hadn’t thought about a smart phone app but maybe we’ll look into it. We’ll let you know if we do. Happy New Year!

  7. This is a terrific site. I’ve been away from my Masters team while taking care of elderly parents and the most convenient pool in my circumstances doesn’t have a team. These workouts have been great: they are challenging but easy to understand. I also just looked at the dryland exercises and am going to try them. I really love this site! Thanks for doing it.

  8. I’m almost 76 years old, and am a fitness addict. I was working up to a half-marathon when I started having balance problems caused by my running….had a session of heat stroke caused by not hydrating enough; that put me in the hospital for a week, and messed up my head so I couldn’t think straight for over a month. The stroke apparently damaged part of my brain controlling balance. I switched to swimming and have never looked back….low impact, better aerobics, and varying the strokes makes for a full body workout. I’m a believer, and this website keeps me motivated and tracks my ups and downs. It’s a great website!

  9. I absolutely love this site! I’ve been swimming competitively for 5 years, but I’ve kind of outgrown my small swim team of mostly younger kids, so i decided i would start swimming everyday by myself, but I was worried about what workouts I would follow since i was used to my coach just writing them on the board or telling me. These workouts are perfect and just like the ones i was swimming at my team. Sometimes i tweak the interval to make it harder or easier, but i usually stick to the advance distance.
    Thanks for all the posts!

  10. Hello Eric and Suzanne,
    I’m the father of a 16yo girl who has national times up in Canada. We live in a small city in eastern part of the country and we just lost our head coach. We are not sure if we will be able to find one for September. She swims 2h a day, and does dry land 90 min to 2h a day, 6 days/week ( 20-24 hours a week, 11 months/1y). I was amazed when I saw your site, but I was also wondering if this could be a good substitute for not having a high level coach ( he was a level 3).She now uses random workouts out of your website. Also, do you have any recommendations? You could also answer me over my gmail. Thank you for your assistance.

  11. Hello Eric and Suzanne,
    I have just found your site, I have a sixteen year old son who lives in Southern Ireland, he is an Irish Modern Pentathlete (fencing, riding swimming-200m freestyle, and combined run/shoot 3,000 m). We have a big competition next July and really need to bring the 200 down by 10 secs if possible. He has swum from a very early age, but not with much quantity, he has access to a great strokes coach, but no access to a swim club, all we have is the sea in the summer and a small 15 metres pool in the winter. A very helpful older triathlete has offered to swim with him 3 mornings a week, I am not sure which set they should work on for the 200m, and also for triathlon it would be 750m sprint distance or should I just concentrate on one distance? I enclose my email address and would love your feedback.

    • We think he can train for both at once. If he’s swimming 3 times a week, Eric recommends doing 2 middle distance practices and then 1 distance practice. I wish we would have added a middle distance category on here so it would have been easy to find. There is one that we named middle distance (https://mydailyswim.com/2011/07/12/middle-distance/). If you search for distance workouts on here, middle distance would be the ones that have sets of 200s and 500s. If that’s too hard to figure out, Eric said he would do 2 distance swims a week and then 1 sprint workout. You can filter the site to find both of those workouts. Also, we can look through here and give you more examples of middle distance workouts. Just give us a few days.
      If you have more questions, please feel free to ask! And good luck to your son. We’d love to hear how he does.

      • Hi Eric and Suzanne Thank you for the reply, yes I will let you know how he gets on and will look for the middle distance sets. Thanks Vanessa

  12. I love what you guys have created here. Your lesson plans are fantastic and very doable. I have a question though, what does it mean when you say 12×25 IM on the :50, What does the IM stand for (Medley??)

    • Thanks, Lisa!
      IM = fly, back, breast, free. So you would do 25 yards fly in 50 seconds (if you finish the 25 with time to spare, use that time to rest), 25 back in 50 seconds, 25 breast in 50 seconds and 25 free in 50 seconds. Then repeat until you’ve done 12 25s total.
      We probably should have said IM order in the practice instead of just IM.

      • Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I love what you are doing here. There are a few websites that charge a fee for what you guys are doing for free. thank you thank you thank you. I live in Australia and need some lesson plans for my 10 year old daughter. Your lesson plans are awesome, another big THANK YOU

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