Rio 2016


Is anyone else as excited as we are for the summer Olympics to start?

My favorite part is the opening ceremonies, which starts tonight at 6:30pm CST.

HERE’S the full schedule of swimming events.


London Olympics 2012

We were glued to the t.v. the last eight days watching the swimming (and almost every other Olympic sport).  Now that the swimmers are finished, here are some great links to see the results of everything:

Medal count (countries, top athletes and country comparisons)

Medal count for the USA (broken up by sports)

Men’s swimming – top 8 in each event

Women’s swimming – top 8 in each event

Did you see that you could buy the Nike USA Olympic Team windrunner jacket for $450?

Olympic Trials – June 30, July 1 and 2

June 30 Finals

Women’s 200 Breast – Soni (2:21.13) and Lawrence (2:23.03)

Men’s 200 Back – Lochte (1:54.54) and Clary (1:54.88)

Men’s 200 IM – Phelps (1:54.84) and Lochte (1:54.93)

Women’s 100 Free – Hardy (53.96) and Franklin (54.15)

July 1 Finals 

Women’s 200 Back – Franklin (2:06.12) and Beisel (2:07.58)

Men’s 100 Fly – Phelps (51.14) and McGill (51.32)

Women’s 800 Free – Ledecky (8:19.78) and Ziegler (8:21.87)

Men’s 50 Free – Jones (21.59) and Ervin (21.60)

July 2 Finals

Women’s 50 Free – Hardy (24.50) and Joyce (24.73)

Men’s 1500 Free – Gemmel (14:52.19) and Jaeger (14:52.51)


Here is a great list of what everyone will be swimming in London.

Also…even though Michael Phelps qualified for eight Olympic swimming events, he is only going to swim 7 of them.  He decided not to swim the 200 Free.

Olympic Trials pictures – morning session

We had a great time in Omaha on Sunday.  Here are some pictures from the morning session.

50 Free:

My mom said she saw a story that said these blocks cost $5000:

Televisions in the hallways so you could watch while getting some food and/or drinks:

The counters were placed on the deck instead of in the water for the 1500 free:

Aqua Zone – basically a place for the venders and sponsors:

Hanging up in the convention center:

Doors going into the convention center:

On the hotel across the street:

Pictures from the July 1 evening session to come.