Challenge: 40,000 in February

We’re giving you a challenge for February – to complete 40,000 yards (or meters) by the end of the month.  That works out to 10,000 yards each week.  You can do it!

This log will help you keep track of how much you’ve swam: 

Here’s a PDF file link to make it easier to print:  My Daily Swim 40,000 in February log

Summer Nationals 2012

Eric started training to qualify for the U.S. Masters Swimming 2012 Summer Nationals.  It’s July 5-8 in Omaha.  He’s hoping to qualify in the 50, 100, 200 free and the 200 IM.  He hasn’t done a long-course meet (meter pool) in a long time!  

Currently, Eric swims the 50 free in :23.5, which converts to 27.33 in meters.

His 100 free time is :51, which is 59.1 in meters.

His 200 free is around 1:58, which converts to 2:16. 

Finally, he swims the 200 IM somewhere around 2:09, which would be 2:31 in meters.

The qualifying times for Nationals for these events in his age group are:

50 free – :28.5

100 free – 1:03.98

200 free – 2:28.15

200 IM – 2:45.26

He should qualify for them all.  He should also be able to qualify for the 14th FINA World Master Championship but traveling to Italy for it would be a lot more expensive than a trip to Omaha:)

If you want to see the rest of the qualifying times for the Summer Nationals in Omaha, go here

If you ever wondered how your short course (yards) times would convert over to a long course, here’s a great calculator.

Will anyone else be there?

MDS General Fitness and Nutrition Log

We’ve created a general Fitness and Nutrition Log for those interested.

And here’s a PDF file link to make it easier for you to print it out:  My Daily Swim General Fitness and Nutrition Log

We also have one in the works that is tailored to MDS workouts. We’ll hopefully have that one out next week.

We’ve added a new FITNESS/NUTRITION LOGS tab to the top of the website page so you can easily get to these at any time.


Are you looking for a specific type of workout?  If so, just go to WHAT KIND OF WORKOUT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR (which is located on the right sidebar) and click on the arrow.  The drop down menu will show you the different workouts that you can choose from.

For example, if you are trying to work on your fly, go to CATEGORIES, click the arrow and then click BUTTERFLY.  You’ll then see all the fly workouts that we’ve created.