FREE for all


500 easy swim (warmup)

500 free kick

4×100 free at your 500 free pace, RI :20

4×500 free, RI :45

3×200 free kick on the 3:00

200 easy swim (cool down)

= 4200

2 thoughts on “FREE for all

  1. I’m looking to add swimming to my regular workout out routine because of the low impact and cardiovascular benefits. I know how to swim but am in pretty bad shape, and can’t swim for long distances at a time. Right now, my workout goes like this: 17 minutes on the ellipticycle (1:30 medium pace/:30 second sprint until the time is up), 3 x circuit training (amounts to about 15 minutes per cycle, so 45 minutes in total), and 10 25 meter freestyle sprints in the pool, with about a 2 minute rest in between. I do this workout Mon – Fri, with a bike ride on Saturday. My goal is to lose 75 lbs by March 15 while building muscle and endurance. I have about 65 more lbs to go. I was thinking of turning my Tuesday and Thursday workouts into all swim workouts but am not sure of the best way to go about this, or if the swimming I’m currently doing is even having an impact. I’m hoping you can advice. Thanks in advance!!!

    • Tj,

      Great goals and it sounds like you are off to a great start. If you want to do more swimming I would start out trying some of our beginner workouts. You can always scale them to your ability level by extending your rest times between repeats or cutting down the yardage for each rep. I would start out trying to swim for at least 30 minutes each Tuesday and Thursday and try to work up to an hour. I always try to do around a 500 yard warm up, break it up if need be, before swimming at a higher intensity. You can mix in kick and pull sets with the swims to alternately give your arms and legs a break. Also, if you have access to fins and/or swim paddles, it can make the repeats easier, while still giving your muscles a good workout. Just slowly keep working on increasing your yardage and intensity until you can complete an hour of a swimming workout.

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