Here’s to a stronger and more fit 2012.  Happy New Year’s!

Some of you received this two days ago (if you get our workouts through email).  I accidentally first published it as Jan 1, 2011 instead of 2012. 


100×25 free on the :40

= 2500


100×50 free on the 1:00

= 5000


100×100 free on the 1:30

= 10,000


2 thoughts on “100x100s

  1. I loved seeing the 100 100’s. When I swam in college years ago, we had to come back early over Christmas break. Every year on New Year’s Day we had one work-out: 100 100’s on the 1:30. Tedious as hell, but 30 years later a fond memory. Yay Old School!

    • Good to hear I wasn’t the only one going through that. It does bring back good memories. One year I did it on the 1:05 and it was definitely difficult. – Eric

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