FREE fallin’

We’ve made the beginner workouts a little easier – thanks for the feedback!


5 minute easy swim (warm-up)

10×50 free, RI :30

100 free, 200 free, 100 free, RI :30

5 minute easy swim (cool down)

= 900 + 10 minutes


500 easy swim (warm-up)

3×500 free, RI :45

10×25 free (odd 25s sprint/even 25s easy) on the :45

250 easy swim (cool down)

= 2500


30×50 free (10 on the :55, 10 on the :45 and 10 on the :40) (warm-up)

3×1000 free descending in time (2nd 500 of each 1000 should be faster than the first 500) on the 15:00

500 easy swim (cool down)

= 5000

3 thoughts on “FREE fallin’

  1. It’s taken me a few days to recover since “It’s the breast day ever”, I am so excited you’ve made the beginner workouts a little easier – thank you!

    What do you recommend if I stink at Fly? I can only get in a 2-4 strokes at a time.

    • Erika, you can substitute freestyle if you don’t feel you can do it at all, or better yet you can alternate free/fly on the fly sets so that you can work on improving your fly. We will posting some drill videos for all the strokes as soon as we get a chance. Fly drills are generally easier and you could do those instead of swimming regular fly. Hope this helps.

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